Testimonies of Saints

Healed of Cancer

Gerald Flynn, Loranger, Louisiana

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In July, 2001, I noticed a small bump on the upper left of the back of my head. It was rather sore from the beginning and I was concerned. I soon had our ministers anoint and pray for me. I left it with the Lord and expected that it would soon be gone. It continued to grow and stayed sore. By October it started to get smaller and I was just sure it was going away; but by November it started to grow at a rather fast pace. I grew more concerned as I had witnessed several saints who had cancers of this type die from them. Of course the devil was there to remind me of those.

I began to have more pain and more torment from the devil. He reminded me of those who were not healed of cancer, and I could visualize the cancer eating into my head slowly and an agonizing death. Where was my faith? I had always trusted the Lord for any sickness I or my family had. We always took our sicknesses and diseases to the Lord. I had never been to the doctor for any affliction or sickness before, so I didn?t want to put my trust in doctors. I did not desire to go to the aid of man, but the devil really worked on me ? telling me surgery would quickly take care of it. I know it?s the devil?s business to work to destroy faith; he doesn?t want there to be any victories. I was surprised that I was so tempted in that direction.

It continued to grow and I decided to have a doctor examine it to see if maybe it was a cyst (how I hoped it would something like that instead of cancer.) He said it was a big old cancer. He explained that it could be surgically removed and would require radiation. Otherwise, it would continue to eat my scalp away. I knew the rest of the story ? eventual death. I mulled it over in my mind every day. All the while it was growing larger and starting to drain. I had some times of hemorrhaging and I could feel it eating deeper and my left eye became blurry at times. Pain was also going down my neck and I knew that no doubt it was starting to affect the neck glands.

My wife and I were digging and endeavoring to have greater faith. The devil stayed on my trail. Finally, during our fall assembly meeting, I felt desperate to get something from the Lord. Our son, Bert, told us he had a dream that we were at church one night and as I came out the door, there was rejoicing from the congregation inside. He asked me what was going on and I pointed to my head and told him I was anointed and prayed for and the cancer was gone. He said he looked at my head and there was only a pink spot where it had been; it was completely healed. That was a dream but he said it seemed so real, almost more than JUST dream. I thought of that dream much.

The Lord met me at an altar of prayer at that assembly meeting. I made my decision to trust God, live or die. I told that to the Lord at that altar. I began to seek God for greater faith. We have faith for the different things that come our way, but I had never met with such a mountain as this. I realize now that God knew I needed to grow in faith and this was one big mountain that would surely accomplish that. I must have greater faith than I had ever had before if God was going to perform this miracle for me. I was anointed again at that meeting, desiring greater faith and a miracle of healing. Our ministers, congregation and saints everywhere were praying for me. I certainly felt surrounded by love, prayers and concern from everyone, but I knew I had something I had to do.

The Lord began to give me scriptures and witnessed to me that He had my case in His great hands. Three of many scriptures were Mark 11:22- 24. I felt especially inspired to speak to this mountain as the scripture says. Also Hebrews 13:8. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. My faith began to be inspired in a greater way. Still the cancer grew and became more painful. Sometimes I felt I could stand the pain no longer. I would compare the pain to bee stings. The Lord would always answer prayer and relieve the pain enough that I could bear it. Finally, I came to the place that I thought He might be planning to take me and began to give some instructions to my wife about what should be done with the place, etc. She told me she had never felt that the Lord was going to take me with that cancer, but I was suffering from it and growing weaker in body. All the while she and I were seeking and begging God for greater faith. He began to inspire us both and we endeavored to gain daily.

Sometime in January, 2002, my wife was cleaning the cancer one morning and she said there appeared to be a slight shriveling at the base of it. I asked her if she was sure. She replied she surely thought it looked just a tiny bit smaller. The next morning she said she definitely saw more shriveling and she felt God was healing it and she was going to take some pictures. She felt it was being healed and no one who had not seen it would believe I had cancer. So she took a couple pictures. (Photos 1 & 2) I think that was a Monday morning. She called some of our congregation that day and told them she believed God was healing me and to pray that God might speed the healing, if it could please Him to do so. They began to pray along with us. I then realized the pain was so much less, the blurriness in my eye was gone, and I had not felt it eating deeper in my head for a few days.

By Wednesday afternoon I was feeling better and my wife decided she would go on to prayer meeting. (We had to stop going to church at night as I was weakened and had to go to bed quite early.) Before she left I was towel drying after my bath and accidentally bumped that cancer quite hard with my hand. Blood began to gush from it and the pain was severe. It scared us so badly, we thought if God didn?t stop it immediately, I would hemorrhage to death. We frantically called on God and I was able to sit down quietly for some time. The pain soon subsided and she pulled the towels back that we had placed on it and the bleeding had stopped. How we thanked God! She cleaned it up and put gauze around the cancer and prepared my pillow with padding and protection for we felt surely there would be bleeding through the night. We slept well that night and the next morning we got up expecting that there would be blood to clean up. There was nothing but one tiny drop on the gauze and we were amazed at what we saw.

The cancer was knocked loose from the base on the outer edge of it. It looked as if it had done some drying through the night. By another day we were rejoicing to see the speedy drying up that was taking place. Didn?t we call for prayer that the Lord would speed up the healing? He used that method to drain the great amount of blood in it, and it was very quickly drying up. What praising the Lord we did! By mid February it was mostly dried up, just hanging by a small attachment. On March 5, 2002, it was hanging by a tiny blood vessel. I told my wife to clip it which she did. The few drops of blood that were in it drained out. The cancer was gone! Praise our God! For the first time we witnessed a cancer being healed. We had been told of some who were healed, and we read testimonies of some who were healed, but this one we witnessed.

God did not heal me because of MY great faith. He had a purpose in what He allowed, a real time of growing for me that I could not have received any other way. There were so many lessons for me in this and I hope an encouragement and help for others too.

I look back on it and marvel at how God was so patient with me when my faith was not up to believing that He would heal me. I knew He could, but who was I to ask for healing? I had not deserved to ask for that, but that is what He has told us to do. Those scriptures came alive to me through this that could not have come if I had not gone through that battle.

God is working to help us to gain spiritual gain. He will go through the battle with us and will do what He has promised, but we must get our hearts in a place that He can help us and if we endeavor with all our hearts to reach up to Him, He will be right there to hear us and bring us through. The cancer came off and left a little pink spot just as Bert dreamed. The Lord gave him that dream, for many times I thought of it and was encouraged to go on expecting to see that ?pink spot?.(Photo 6) See how He goes before us and prepares the way?

I trust this testimony will be an encouragement to others who may read it.

God bless you.

Oct. 31, 2008